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Ayurveda has been considered as one of the best natural methods of cleansing the body from impurities and diseases. Prepared with medicines collected from natural herbs, a well packaged ayurvedic therapy will take away your body ailments and diseases.


    Our Valuable packages

  • Detoxification & Rejuvenation
  • Special Relaxation packages
  • Post pregnancy care packagess
  • bride and groom packages

  • Successive weight reduction package

    Accommodation at Hindhusthan Ayurvedic Health Care centre Trivandrun, Kerala– Best Ayurveda Packages in Trivandrum

    a. Single room non Air conditioned – Rs. 1000.00/Euro 14.00/US $ 15.00 per day

    b. Single room Air conditioned – Rs.1500.00/Euro 21.00/US $ 22.00 per day

    c. Double room non Air conditioned –Rs. 1200.00/Euro 16.60/US $ 17.60 per day

    d. Double room Air conditioned – Rs.1800.00/Euro 25.00/US $ 26.34 per day


    Food - Vegetarian food - US $ 8.35 / Euro 7.70 (Rs. 450) per day per person. (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) Please note this is not a hotel or a beach side resort, but home stay with the modern facilities like, attached bath room, TV, free WIFI along with home made vegetarian food. It is a treatment center so no other entertainments are available.

    (transaction as per the actual currency rate).


    Package Cost


    Weight loss package:


    Due to the changing lifestyle, people are getting attached more and more towards junk food, easiness of life has caused them to forget workout which has resulted in making people obese and increase weight. Losing weight without affecting the health is a major concern these days. There are many companies in the market which offer quick remedies but are using artificial methods. These practices are not suggested by doctors and the results are not predictive. Hindustan Ayurvedic health center has developed natural remedies to deal with the problem of obesity. Made with deep research and traditional Ayurvedic methods, our weight loss package offers the most reliable and trustworthy results. Our weight loss treatment duration is for a minimum of 21 days ( which are subjected to change ) and followed by the practice of Vasti, Udwarthanam

    Package includes: Abhyangam, Udwarthanam, dhanyamla dhara, kizhi, Vasti & Swedanam, Special diet and Yoga


    Post pregnancy package:

    While dealing with pregnancy, it is important that the lady must be offered utmost care before and after the pregnancy period. After delivery, the lady must be given proper nutrition and healthy atmosphere. Hindusthan ayurvedic Health Care has our own methods of taking care of women who are going through post pregnancy period. We have developed special treatment methods which involve herbal massages, food supplements, and therapies which includes revitalizing the body with a rare combination of ayurvedic oils, massages along with the baby.The oil massage reduces the stretch mark visibility and bath in herbal water improves physical strength and refreshes the inner self.


    Bride and Groom Packages:

    The beauty of the human body is natural and we make it more exquisite naturally. Living in the world of artificial beauty products which offer temporary results but get adversely affects the skin. This is why Hindusthan Ayurvedic health care came up with the solution of pre-wedding beauty packages for the bride and groom. Our packages are well designed and are prepared only through natural methods evolved through the process of Ayurveda. The duration of the package may vary from 5 to 14 days and can be customized further depending on your requirements.

    Skin toning and enhancement, Skin Lightening, Anti pigmentation, Hair and body spa, Herbal steam bath, Weight reduction/gaining


    Package details:

    The cost mentioned here are exclusive of any additional medicines, food, and accommodation


    Extra supplements required after the consultation with the doctor, will be charged extra.The rate quoted above is for the general treatments only and if any special treatments are required, then extra charges may apply.


    Extra supplements required after the consultation with the doctor, will be charged extra.The rate quoted above is for the general treatments only and if any special treatments are required, then extra charges may apply.


    All days are working including Sundays. The doctor is available on all the days from 10 am – 7 pm.


    We follow the traditional ayurvedic massage methods so that the treatment will be done on male to male and female to female only.


    Special Yoga session could be arranged after consultation with the doctor.

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