Effective Traditional Ayurvedic program such as - Karkidaka Ayurvedic Treatment in Trivandrum , empowerment of students in schools and stress management in IT Professionals, which includes Medication, councilling & treatments for common diseases/problems found in IT professionals., Full body massage and also Ayurveda medical tourism.


KIDS Program

Ayurveda Trivandrum Kerala We have an effective program specially designed for the empowerment of students from their schools itself.

• In association with school management we operates an inspection room at schools by appointing an Ayurveda doctor and nurse for full working hours, through the academic year for the close monitoring of the students.

• Maintaining a complete medical history of the students from kinder garden to plus two.

• Prevention is better than cure, we believe in this and providing consulting for students to alert them to take preventive measures.

• Special care provided to sports students, special medicines also provided them to keep them fit.

• First Aid in time.

• Special care for adolescent students to help them in their changing phases.

• Analyze student cases in deep and provide them assistance, care and consultation in time as per the recommendation of their teachers.

• Enlightening the students to maintain their health and sanitation, mainly the importance for the same.

• Provide awareness classes for parents also.

• Awareness and consultation to the teachers also help them to be conscious about the student’s health.

• Mainly focusing on the physical, psychological, nutritional states of the students.

• Malnutrition, adolescence problems, immune system, allergies, bones, muscles & joints, infections, learning and emotional problems, strengthen muscles, increasing memory, presence of mind, creativity, etc. also cared under our program.

• Helps students to maintain the herbal garden

• Increase the importance of health club

• Building up a healthy generation with the actual spirit of Ayurveda

• Help the coming generation to retrieve Ayurveda and nature.

Corporate Program

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According to lot of studies among IT professionals, it is evaluated that computer related health problems and role of ergonomic factors. The result revealed that there was approximately 93% of computer related morbidity in the subjects. The visual problems were noticed in 76 percent and musculo-skeletal in 77.5 percent. Furthermore, 35 percent faced stress.


Stress, Tension, Ortho disease , Carpet turnal syndrome, Systemic disease like cholesterol , Diabetics, Hyper Tension (BP), etc. are the results of hectic corporate life. Amoung this, Stress acts on every system of the body through a sophisticated mechanism called the “stress response”, making one more susceptible to indigestion, heart burn, asthma, chest congestion, migraines, & also triggers mental and emotional problems such as insomnia, headaches, irritability, anxiety and depression. Stress can cause or aggravate stomach ulcers, colitis, Irritable Bowel syndrome, and a whole range of diseases.

Ayurveda has a unique set of therapies which shield the person from the ill-effects of chronic stress. WE are an ideal place for total stress relief, providing the idyllic setting for relaxation along with Ayurvedic therapies, Yoga, Meditation, Counselling sessions, a fitness regime & a wholesome diet.


Stress Management

Stress Management in organizations helps increase job satisfaction, productivity and loyalty towards the organization they work with and also helps reduce absenteeism & health-care costs. Employees see stress management training as something that will benefit throughout their life and not just during work time. Happy employees are more productive as they are capable of a clearer focus on the work at hand rather than all the stresses and tensions they carries around. These employees work with each other as a team towards achieving goals set by the organization. Practicing stress management and relaxation techniques on a regular basis makes a person less vulnerable to stress. Also, a proactive approach to managing stress lowers risks of stress related health problems. Practicing stress management and relaxation techniques throughout the day has continuous benefits in terms of better mood, performance, and health. Also, our techniques are quick and easy to practice and can readily be incorporated into everyday routine.



Meditation is being able to focus the mind on a particular thought or a state of no thought. As we gain better control over our thoughts, our mind calms down and stays in the present moment or in a particular desired state. Meditation helps our mind come to a state of peace and happiness. We can handle our thoughts better and take necessary actions in the right direction. This also helps us become free from worries, discomfort, stress, etc. In general it is not very easy to control our thoughts and actions. We easily get drifted by our surroundings. If the situation around us is as we expect it to be, we are happy, otherwise we are not. Some basic benefits of mediation that can be experienced could be - improved patience, reduced stress, lesser anxiety, tension and frustration. We could also experience improvement in memory, concentration, inner peace and overall wellbeing.



Individual counseling - provides an opportunity to learn to make better decisions, improve one’s relationships, and generally increase personal effectiveness. With the help of a counselor, a person can explore feelings and express them better, examine beliefs, and work toward making healthy changes.

Group counseling - offers an individual a chance to understand feelings and change problem behaviors with the support of peers with similar concerns. Recent groups have focused on such topics as managing stress, coping with grief, surviving trauma, and dealing with dysfunctional families.

Couple counseling - is available to partners who want to improve an intimate relationship.

Organisational Stress & Change management - This is an approach to organizational change management that is built upon the principles and practices of Solution-Focused Therapy. While therapy is for individuals and families, Solution-Focused consulting is being used as change process for organizational groups of every size, from small teams to large business units.

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