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Keeping in mind the lifestyle and changing habits of modern man, Hindustan Ayurvedic Centre has designed unique ayurvedic treatments which include medications, stress management for students, IT professionals, counseling and treatment for modern lifestyle diseases, Karkidaka Ayurvedic treatments to ward off diseases and impurities that accumulate in the body during monsoon, ayurvedic medical tourism where people can come and live with us, follow a healthy practice of life along with ayurvedic treatments to treat diseases, purify the body and mind.


KIDS Program

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Keeping in mind the empowerment of the future generations, Hindustan Ayurvedic Health Center has created unique programs aimed at improving the mental health and overall development of the kids. The program has been designed in collaboration with schools from across the state.

Major activities of the program include;

  • Opening of inspection rooms in schools with the help of the management and full-time availability if an Ayurveda doctor and nurse to keep close monitoring of the students and their activities.

  • Implementing a system to keep a complete medical history of the student from kindergarten to higher secondary

  • Making students aware of the diseases and steps to take for preventing diseases.

  • Special attention for sports students and medical consultation to keep them fit.

  • Emergency and first aid service

  • Counseling and special care for the students especially during their adolescence.

  • Analyzing student cases in close interaction with the teachers and students and to provide the care and consultation

  • Providing consultation and counseling for parents.

  • Making students aware about the need of health and sanitation.

  • Focus on the physical, psychological, nutritional states of the students.

  • Preparing students to maintain a healthy body, practice the essence of natural life, creating a herbal garden in the school.

  • Keeping a tab on the kid's nutrition, immunity, physical strength and issues related to the body parts

  • Making the students conscious about the essence of Ayurveda

Corporate Program

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IT or Information technology sector is considered to be the largest job opportunity sector. With the arrival of modern technologies, computer-aided working model, the lifestyle of modern human beings changed drastically. With the jobs becoming easy also gave rise to more health problems to the IT working class commonly called as "techies".


The unsystematic lifestyle of the employees and over dependency of modern man on humans has given them enough health issues already. Ranging from obesity, cholesterol which came from the consumption of unhealthy junk foods to high blood pressure, uneven sleeping patterns, joint pains in the body, over-consumption of alcohol and smoking which came from the competitive working environment have all made the modern man's life less easy.

According to the studies, it can be seen that 93% among the IT working class face computer related morbidity issues, while visual problems were observed among 76%, musculoskeletal issues in 77.5 percent and stress issues in 35%.

As modern health issues became more common, Hindustan Ayurvedic Health center developed a unique set of therapies and medications to address this alarming issue. Our place is ideal for making your mind relax, get total relief from your stress along with therapies through Yoga, meditation, a proper diet, counseling and fitness sessions.

Stress Management

Stress Management is nowadays an essential part of corporate work life. The companies are very keen on dealing with the stress level not only because of the fact that the employees are facing mental issues of their own but also on the fact that it is affecting the overall productivity. An efficient stress management system has been seen to produce more results in terms of employee satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty towards the organization. Also, this methodology improves the overall mental state of the employees in which the qualities such as confidence, energy, team play, focus etc will improve to a significant level. The whole working process will directly result in the reduced attrition rate and higher productivity of the firm

Hindustan Ayurvedic Health Care center has developed techniques in close cooperation with psychologists, counselors blended with the Ayurvedic methodologies. The techniques are easy to practice with easy activities and can be introduced into the workspace with ease.



Meditation may be defined as the particular state of mind and body in which both can be focussed on to a particular point, thought or feelings. It is considered as a slow process of gaining control of your mind over your body. Meditation helps our mind to a state of peace and happiness. Meditation helps us control our thoughts, handle our thoughts better and take necessary actions in the right direction.But gaining control over your mind is not an easy process. This is because our mind gets easily drifted with our surroundings, in the process of meditation one, try to avoid the distractions by focusing the whole of himself into one point or thought.
The benefits of practicing meditation are :

  • • Stress reduction

  • • Mind control

  • • Improved Memory

  • • Improved patience

  • • Positive thinking



Counseling is a process of providing professional guidance to an individual by using psychological evaluations based on interests, aptitudes, historical data and through personal interview.
With an active panel of doctors and experienced professionals, Hindustan Ayurvedic Health Centre offers counseling sessions from schooling to professional levels.

Individual Counseling : Individual Counseling deals with the process of providing the opportunity to an individual to identify his emotions, decision making ability through personal interview and analyzing his emotional data. The outcome of a successful counseling will be the individual's increased ability to make better decisions, improve relationships and personal effectiveness.

Group Counseling : Similar to the individual counseling sessions but with the difference that the sessions will occur within a group of people having similar issues or concerns. The topic of discussion will be general and the expected outcome will be to boost confidence, manage stress issues, coping with grief, dealing with post-traumatic stress etc.

Couple Counseling : This type of counseling is made for those who are facing narrow roads in a relationship. The sessions are composed of individual sessions, combined sessions, exercises, therapies etc

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